Aircraft Interior

Aircraft interiors

One of Teklagraf’s specialities – we have been producing labels and placards for the aerospace industry since 1999, working with engineering drawings and specifications to ensure the size, colour, text, material and adhesive are tailored to suit your application. We can print on flame-retardant polycarbonate, vinyl, polyester, aluminium and engrave on various metals.

Aircraft Galley

Galley labels

Labels suitable for busy environments where heat or moisture is involved are one of our specialities. Our reverse printed labels with high-tack adhesive are ideal for this environment.

Control Panel

Medical Equipment

Anodised aluminium has long been a standard for sterilisation containers, control panels and other identification products in the surgical field.

Metal Photo 02

Control panels

We can print on vinyl, polycarbonate or aluminium and cut to shape with holes for buttons and dials for all types of control panels, including aircraft, industrial machinery and vehicles.

Product labels

Short or long-run labels for boxes, products or bags to make your products stand out from the crowd. Our in-house design service can help you with the creative process from start to finish.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals

Bespoke VIN plates, taxi placards, serial numbers and identification plaques are just a few examples of vehicle decals we can produce in anodised aluminium, stainless steel, polycarbonate or vinyl. Flame-retardant materials are available.