We stock high-performance materials for your requirements, be that flame-retardant for aircraft interiors or anodised aluminium and laser-engraved materials for hard-wearing applications.

We are also able to use older material specifications for use with older aircraft – please contact us to find out how we can help.

Metal Photo 03

Anodised aluminium

Our metal photo labels and placards are extremely hard-wearing, perfect for use in harsh environments such as engine bays, machinery and outdoor locations.


High-performance polycarbonate is light, available as flame-retardant and can be reverse printed, so once applied the print can’t be tampered with. Ideal for labelling parts, equipment or items in public areas with heavy footfall.


Traffolyte labels

Laminate labels that can be laser or mechanically engraved. We stock a huge range of colours to suit your requirements.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel

Engraved stainless steel is incredibly durable for use in hostile environments. Our laser is extremely accurate and can engrave very small lettering and barcodes.


Laser engraved materials

Brass, aluminium, wood, glass and even leather and denim have been through our two lasers creating incredibly accurate and intricate engravings.



For the traditional finish, brass is a great and long-lasting material. We can engrave and drill holes for fixing, or provide with high-tack adhesive applied.