Aerospace Labels and Placards

We supply some of the biggest names in aerospace with labels, placards and decals – shipping internationally on a daily basis. We work to customer drawings and specifications providing all the necessary paperwork to ensure compliance with aircraft standards. All of our products are quality controlled and giving you complete confidence in the products we supply.

Placards and decals

These can be supplied in aerospace-approved polycarbonate materials with high performance adhesives, as well as self-adhesive polyester or vinyl plastic materials.

For polycarbonate placards, we can use standard international specified colours, or colour match to specific colour swatches or material colour samples supplied by the customer

Placards are available in a kit format to suit customer requirements.

Anodised aluminium product labels can also be supplied with adhesive or locating holes. This product can have Linear or 2D barcode data applied as well alphanumeric data.

We also offer an annealed anodised aluminium product, with adhesive, that can be applied to curved surfaces by hand, without having to be mechanically formed.


Laminate placards

We can supply coloured laminate labels in small or large quantities for repair and maintenance of older aircraft. This product is available in a kit format to suit customer requirements or BOM (Bill Of Materials).

Product labelling and signage

Stainless Steel

Metal labels

Labels can be supplied in anodised aluminium, stainless steel and brass materials in a range of thicknesses.

Quantities can be from as little as one-off, with or without adhesive and to customers drawings – or we can create the design. These could be for machinery, plaques, vehicles or labelling in areas where there is high footfall, risk of scuffing or high/low temperatures.

Plastic labels

Labels can be supplied individually or on rolls to suit customer requirements.

Materials such as polycarbonate, self-adhesive vinyl and polyester are some of the more common materials used, but we are able to source and print on a wide selection  of materials and in a huge range of colours. The final product can be supplied in various shapes with cut-outs. Commonly these are used to label equipment, parts or seating numbers, but they have many other applications. Contact us to find out the best solution for your request.


Laminate labels

We can supply coloured laminate labels in small or large quantities, several thicknesses and various materials.

Indoor and outdoor application materials are available, plus a range of metallic and marble effect backgrounds.

This range of product can be used to produce general information signage, door signs, badges etc. They are engraved so are very hard-wearing


Quickmark labels

Quickmark is a label that has the printing sandwiched between a vinyl or aluminium base and a polyester top layer. The product has been approved and used in aerospace and marine applications. This product was originally called 3M Dynamark Label material.